Brexit Britain has received a massive boost this afternoon after a spokesperson for the Galactic Empire confirmed that the new Death Star will be made across a number of locations in Essex.

It is thought that the £156 trillion project will create more than 40,000 jobs, even in the event of a ‘no deal’ Brexit.

Their spokesperson said, ‘Previous versions of the Death Star were built entirely within the European Union, and we believe that mindless Brussels bureaucracy and meddling led to the minor imperfection that caused the last one to blow up.’

‘Juncker and his chums thought that it was perfectly acceptable to issue legislation that meant that we ended up with a ray-shielded particle exhaust vent leading straight from the surface directly into its reactor core that was so easy to torpedo, and our contacts in the United Kingdom have assured us that this won’t happen.’

‘We want to send out a message that Brexit Britain is worth believing in and join the ranks of other prominent Brexiteers in business such as Tim Martin who definitely has not spent too long staring at Endor.’