It has been reported that huge Brexit supporters all over the United Kingdom spent hours queuing up at a German supermarket on Friday morning to buy cheap sparkling Italian wine.

By 5am on Friday, long queues were already forming, with many car parks of the discounted German supermarket resembling scenes from the London riots of 2011.

Nigel Barrage was waiting in line at the Basildon branch of the German supermarket to buy cheap sparkling Italian wine as it was cheaper than it normally is in Britain, and he told Southend News Network that he was ‘relieved beyond belief’ at the special offer.

He said: ‘For some reason, and for the life of me I cannot work out why, my usual booze cruise over to Calais has become really expensive ever since June 2016.’

‘It seems that the pound is getting weaker and weaker against the Euro, and I have been scratching my head for months trying to pinpoint the reason for this.’

‘It’s a poser alright. I’m totally baffled.’

His brother Raj added: ‘As a proud Brit who voted to take control of my own destiny, I simply can’t get enough of this cheap German supermarket with their bargain deal on sparkling Italian wine.’

‘You should see some of the French cheeses and Polish sausages and Spanish olive oils and Hungarian stews and Czech beers and Dutch biscuits and Belgian waffles and Danish crisp breads and Swedish meatballs and Irish whiskeys and Maltesers.’

‘They’re fabulous. What a fantastic contribution these products are making to British society. I hope that nothing ever happens to completely fuck it up.’