Hundreds of families from Southend and the surrounding areas have contacted Southend News Network to say that they have been CONNED by a business on Facebook that got really popular after people told their entire friend lists about it. Our photographer has been travelling around the area taking image after image of the ‘victims’ staring forlornly into a camera lens from a slightly elevated angle, but it is looking likely that they will still be left out of pocket. 

Porsche For A Tenner representatives have refused all requests for a comment, and their Facebook page is currently displaying ‘We apologise for any inconvenience caused, but it has come to our attention that selling a Porsche for £10 is probably a business model that won’t work on a number of levels. All customers can obtain a full refund by visiting our offices in the toilets at the front of Chalkwell Park.’

Madeline Grabb told our Chief Reporter that she lost £500 after ordering 50 of the incredibly expensive supercars from the company. She said: ‘I am disgusted by the way that Porsche For A Tenner have acted – you would expect any company with more than 75 likes to be be able to sell a product as advertised. I have tried to get me and my kids in as many photos as possible today for local news outlets, and still my £500 hasn’t reappeared. How do these people sleep at night?’

Darren Smoosh is a spokesperson for Southend Trading Standards. He said: ‘People need to exercise caution when buying items on Facebook and indeed in any other areas of human existence.’


  1. No doubt this is yummy mummies, from the “Thorpe on Leigh” area wanting to show off at the School Prom??