Southend News Network has learned this evening that HURRICANE MATTHEW is heading for the UK. 

Shortly after 9pm on Saturday evening, the world-famous snooker player Matthew Toddington, known as Hurricane Matthew because he once scored a 147 in just 14 seconds, confirmed that he will be hosting a Trick Shot Masterclass at the Cliffs Pavilion in Westcliff On Sea. 

Speaking to Southend News Network, the US-based player said that he was ‘incredibly excited’ to be heading for the UK. 

He added: ‘Everyone in the UK has had to put up with John Virgo for too long. It’s time to hop over the Atlantic and shake up the whole trick shot scene with some real razzmatazz.’

‘I will be playing a ten-night stint at the Cliffs Pavilion as this venue has a proud tradition of hosting entertainment evenings with sporting legends.’

‘They often have a load of old tossers what did win the World Cup once on stage talking about when they won the World Cup.’

‘Every show will finish with my signature trick shot where I swallow a complete set of reds and fire them across the table about an hour later into all available pockets.’