A hypno birthing specialist from Southend has been struck off the midwifery register after a mum-to-be starting ‘barking like a dog’ during labour. 

According to Michelle Garridge’s partner Jett, Michelle went into labour at their Fairfax Drive home, and the local Greek-German hypno birthing specialist Dr Spiros Graf arrived a few minutes later to begin his programme.

Jett said: ‘He was keeping Michelle really calm to begin with, and this involved a combination of breathing exercises and meditation.’

‘Around 90 minutes into her labour, he asked me to step outside the room for a few minutes so that he could have a one-on-one deep hypnosis session – I assumed that this was normal.’

‘After about ten minutes, I could hear my partner making barking noises and howling, and when I ran back in she was on all-fours and trying to push the baby out.’

‘It was a straightforward birth, but then when the midwife handed her the baby she started licking him and growling if anyone else got too close.’

‘It’s been three weeks now and she still hasn’t snapped out of it – not only am I having to change nappies, but I’m constantly forced to let her out into the garden as well.’

‘I can’t get hold of Dr Graf either, which means that she may never wake up from this.’

It has also emerged that more than 56 complaints have been made about Dr Graf, including one from a Basildon man whose wife has spent the last five days cradling her baby while repeatedly singing the theme tune from Neighbours.