In just one year, Madeleine Frosting was able to lose 23 stone and even change her ethnic origin with some simple lifestyle changes.

In November 2014, Madeleine Frosting from Shoeburyness was 35 stone and desperately unhappy, and then one day the 28 year old decided that she had to change her habits and lifestyle for the sake of her three young children – this is when she came up with her own way to lose weight and keep it off. One year on, Madeleine has lost an amazing 23 STONE and completely changed her ethnic origin, and she now hopes that her new slimming and lifestyle business will help millions of other people in the future.

We met this inspirational young lady at her home near The Garrison, and she told us how she came up with her system to get back into shape. She said, ‘I would wake up in the morning and have eight Mars bars for breakfast, before washing them down with a full 4-pint carton of whole milk. I would continue snacking on Double Decker bars until lunchtime, when my midday meal would usually involve a trip to McDonalds. At around 3pm my usual tea-time snack would be a cake mixer bowl full of Coco Shreddies and another 4 pints of milk, and at supper time I could only ever eat cheddar and Sugar Puff sandwiches. If I got a little bit peckish before bed, I could easily scoff a gammon steak and a bag of sugarsnap peas – but one day I suddenly realised that I was setting a terrible example for my own kids. On the day that I caught my three year old daughter eating Anchor butter from the fridge with a soup ladle, I knew that my eating habits just weren’t sensible.’

She continued, ‘I just decided that enough was enough, and I drastically cut my calorie intake to 2,000 per day – this included a mixture of lean meat, fruit, vegetables, healthy carbs and good fats. I also started walking my oldest kids the 25m to their school instead of taking the car, and we began walking home as well – you find that it is the simple lifestyle changes that make all of the difference. Overall, I found that if I burned more calories than I was consuming, my body would respond by losing weight, and now I want to help others to achieve the same goals.’

Madeleine’s Universe of Weight Loss is due to open shortly at the Old Garrison Community Centre in Shoeburyness, and for £7.95 a week members receive life-changing advice, some shiny books, regular weigh-ins and the support of other people who are going through the same struggle.

She ended her interview with Southend News Network with one simple piece of advice. She said, ‘I want people to see my ‘Before and After’ pictures and realise that it is possible to lose a life-changing amount of weight by eating less and moving more, and £7.95 a week is a very small price to pay for this lifelong happiness.’



  1. This can not be true. We all know that weight loss comes from spending a fortune on videos, diet meals, supplements and gym membership. Simply eating less and exercising more can not lead to weight loss and anyone who thinks so is a gullible fool or a member of the medical profession.