A source within a major Hollywood studio has confirmed that the English actor Idris Elba has been chosen to play Nigel Farage in an upcoming biographical movie about the ex-UKIP leader.

He also said that the star of The Wire and Luther has the option to remain in the role should there be any further movies in the franchise.

Although he was unwilling to confirm the name of the studio who will be involved, we have seen leaked emails to confirm that Disney will be releasing the movie in 2021.

He added: ‘Not only does Idris have an English accent, but he is also fantastic at giving speeches – he couldn’t possibly be more ‘Nigel’ if he tried!’

‘He isn’t looking forward to shaving off that iconic beard, but he looks fantastic in hunting gear and a pair of yellow Wellington boots – the Boxing Day scenes will look incredibly authentic.’

In a further shocking development, it has also been confirmed that Donald Trump has signed up to play himself in scenes where he welcomes Nigel to Trump Towers.

According to a close friend of Mr Trump, the president’ caught the acting bug’ after a cameo appearance in Home Alone 2 where he is seen giving Macauley Culkin directions at The Plaza in New York.

He is said to be ‘incredibly excited’ about working with Idris.

A Tweet said: ‘Can’t wait! I loved him in Shawshank Redemption!’

‘He’s a great actor. A very great actor. He acts, I can tell you.’

‘Some of his films are classics. Big classics, big, big classics.’

‘It’s gonna be yuge.’