A spokesperson for the International Men’s Day Foundation has confirmed that International Men’s Day has been brought forward to tomorrow just so they all shut the fuck up about it already.

It is thought that the decision was made after Facebook crashed on Sunday morning due to butthurt incels all pissing their pants asking a question that can be answered on Google within five seconds.

Dave Chugnut from Southend welcomed the news.

He said, ‘I am as much of a feminist as the next guy, I mean I’ll smash anything and I never discriminate, but it’s unfair that we should have to wait until November for our day every single year.’

‘My species has been persecuted for long enough.’

‘Our glass ceiling is so thin and transparent, it’s almost as if it isn’t really there.’

‘It’s Mothering Sunday in a couple of weeks as well. It’s like there’s no end to this constant misandry and I for one will not stand for it.’

‘They all whinge about equality this and equality that, but our Queen’s a woman so it’s all bollocks isn’t it?’