Today is International Women’s Day, but why the hell can’t we celebrate British women as well?

Yet again, British women lose out to foreign international women, and it’s a disgrace.

This is why the people of the United Kingdom voted for Brexit – we are taking back power from Brussels and the out of touch elite who demand that we only celebrate ladies from abroad today.

51.9% of us told the bureaucrats and bigwigs that enough is enough.

Margaret Thatcher. Jessica Ennis. Vogue from Gladiators. These are all women who get forgotten today because the liberal snowflakes want us to look beyond our borders in a misguided attempt at enforced genderal enrichment.

When are we going to have British Women’s Day? What about a day just for Mothers? They inspire us every day and bring up children to become model British citizens.

I will be flying my Union Jack from my car today with pride and pulling over whenever I see a British woman to tell her just how much I value and respect her – I urge you all to do the same.

If we don’t take a stand now we are heading down a very dangerous road.

World Book Day has already become yet another excuse to erode our British identity – how many children did you see dressed as Harry Potter?

Why should this American series of books get top billing when there are plenty of British authors who get overlooked?

Scrap International Women’s Day, and it will go a long way to getting our country back.