An investigation by Southend News Network has revealed that Egyptian health tourists are costing the NHS more than £500m per year. 

Our undercover reporter witnessed one elderly individual receiving a costly MRI scan, and sourced have told us that this is merely the tip of the iceberg.

On another occasion at an undisclosed hospital, a man received more than £100,000 worth of osteopathy and physiotherapy to correct a condition where his arms had locked into place and he couldn’t move them.

Pictures that we have seen show that while one arm is in an ‘L’ shape and pointing forwards, the other is locked in the same position behind him, with the hand pointing backwards.

At first glance, it would also seem that a costly chiropractor has been called to oversee his treatment.

We showed the footage to Mark Findecloche, a campaigner for the group Keep Britain’s Public Services For The British, and he said that the material ‘wasn’t surprising at all.’

He added: ‘These geezers come over here and think that they can just milk our NHS before vanishing back home where they can’t be traced.’

’Finding an interpretor for them can be a huge challenge, although some of these individuals are accompanied by a note taker that is incredibly slow to take everything down.’

A spokesperson for the NHS has promised to review our footage.

He said: ‘Wherever possible, those who are not entitled to free NHS treatment are identified and followed-up for any outstanding money that is owed.’

’This ensures that all patients play fair. Oh what a disaster it would be if we didn’t receive payment.’

’I guess our hospital must look like luxory to them.’