An investigation has revealed that more than 30 contestants on the Children’s ITV gameshow KNIGHTMARE disappeared in a variety of circumstances during the show’s original run from 1987 until 1994. 

The alarm was originally raised in August 2015 when Southend mum Jillian Hernia realised that her then 10-year-old son Nigel hadn’t returned home from a taping of the show in Norwich in 1992.

Essex Police launched Operation Treguard soon after, and their findings were announced at a press conference in Chelmsford earlier today.

Det. Insp. Peter Pickle said: ‘We have analysed a huge collection of files and interviewed hundreds of witnesses – it appears that our suspicions have been confirmed.’

‘We are sorry to announce that more than 30 contestants on Knightmare didn’t return home after taking part in the show.’

‘We are aware that twelve individuals suffocated in the helmet and had to be disposed of in a manner that didn’t arouse suspicions, and a further ten children were never recovered from the holes in the floor that were created on a ZX Spectrum because of a computer glitch.’

‘As with all TV shows at the time, some of the other characters may have been a little bit ‘Yewtree,’ but this is still under investigation under a separate enquiry.’

‘Although modern kids TV gameshows have a duty of care to ensure that participating children do not get killed in one way or another, these safeguards simply didn’t exist at the time.’

‘It seems that ITV were unwilling to learn the lessons of the Fun House beheadings that effectively condemned Pat Sharp to a life in radio.’

Julian Stirrup appeared on Knightmare in 1989 with his brothers Colin, Clive and Cliff, and he told us that something ‘didn’t seem right’ when he arrived at the studio.

He added: ‘Halfway through filming, one of the producers told me that Colin had wandered off to try his hand at Catchphrase and fallen in love with Mr Chips. I never saw my brother again and this enquiry will finally reveal the truth.’