Campaigners have been calling for urgent action after a Southend News Network investigation revealed that 84% of all tap water in the UK is halal.

Our research team spent three months taking 10,000 samples of tap water from all over the country, and lab tests showed that 8,407 specimens contained cadburinium fluoride.

This is the halal-friendly chemical that is added to mains water to make it culturally accessible to all.

Nathan Wett-Rêve of the British Water Consortium told our Chief Reporter that adding the chemical was ‘a necessary step in modern Britain.’

He added: ‘The fact of the matter is that the mains water that we supply in every region needs to reflect the diversity and differing needs of the population.’

‘This is an ongoing programme to make sure that we meet our 98% target by 2020, and representatives of the British Jewish Council have already confirmed that they will be able to apply a kosher blessing to reservoirs to make the water dual-suitable.’

‘Without our work in this field, millions of British people would be forced to purchase expensive bottled water just to maintain their faith and beliefs at home.’

Roger Morris of pressure group Britain Ahead told our Newsdesk that he was ‘disgusted’ by the news.

He said: ‘Ever since this information emerged, I have been repeatedly boiling my tap water to remove the additives.’

‘It took me four hours to make a cup of tea this morning and it still tasted halal. It’s an absolute disgrace and our government needs to remember that this is a Christian country.’

‘As long as the water doesn’t contain bacon they have nothing to moan about.’

We caught up with Rabbi Herschell Mershal at Hanningfield Reservoir in Essex while he was taking part in a test blessing session.

He said: ‘This is a huge breakthrough for this country. It’s taken me fifteen seconds to bless millions of litres of water for Essex.’

‘I can come up here twice a month to be on the safe side, and this water will bring communities together.’