An inside source at smartphone giant Apple has confirmed that the much-anticipated iPhone 7 will have a ‘game changing feature’ that will allow callers to hear what their contacts are saying.

According to an email that was received earlier today, the added functionality should also allow the iPhone owner’s voice to be clearly understood at the other end – even if both callers own Apple models.

Industry expert Marlon Ordibble said that he wasn’t surprised by the development, and he told Southend News Network that the so-called ‘Ear Retina Clarity Module’ will make the iPhone more than just a smartphone.

He added: ‘The Ear Retina Clarity Module will take the iPhone 7 into a whole new territory. For the very first time, the user will be able to clearly understand whatever the other person is saying to them – up until now people were restricted to ‘the good ear’ only.’

‘Our research showed us that 1 in 7 existing iPhone owners want to be able to make traditional phone calls without having to seal themselves in some sort of cocoon or vertical coffin – this can be quite tricky when you are outdoors.’

In other news, a number of smartphone discussion boards are also reporting that the latest iPhone will include a thermal persuasion interface that will be activated whenever a vital iOS software update is released.

According to Applegasm member iGimpy2016, the handset will react to any notification of an important update by increasing its core temperature by one degree Celcius every 10 minutes until it is installed.

Owners will be able to delay the thermal persuasion process by 30 seconds if they enter their passcode, scan their Touch ID print and balance the phone perfectly upwards on a flat surface.