A video has been released by the so-called Islamic State organisation threatening a Southend-based artist who has painted a mural depicting the ex-foreign secretary Boris Johnson and three women in full Islamic dress.

The Berk And The Berkas has been painted on the site of a derelict car park in the town, and shortly after local artist John Bulley completed the work and posted images to Facebook, a video statement was released by Ibrahim Al-Syafather, the terrorist group’s new head of pan European engagement.

Speaking directly to camera, he said, ‘I have been in communication with our cell in the area, the Temz-Estri Front, and they have confirmed that this artwork installation was not authorised in any way, shape or form by the local authority’s official department of arts, arting, artistry and refuse collection.’

‘There was a blatant disregard for due process at all times, and we have found absolutely no evidence of vast expenditure on any sort of ‘research and development’ stage where everyone sits around and has a good old chinwag about the potential art that could be arted without actually creating any art.’

‘Where is David Amess and his hastily organised picture for The Echo?’

‘We have circulated Mr Bulley’s photo to all of our operatives. We would advise him to stay away from Raqqa indefinitely.’