Fans of the popular ITV game show Take Me Out have been promised ‘a whole new experience’ with Take Me Up – a spin-off programme that encourages winning couples to enter a specially-built ‘Love Den’ and explore their impulsive feelings for one another. 

Derek Smooge is the Overnight Controller for ITV, and he spoke EXCLUSIVELY to Southend News Network about the project. 

He said: ‘99% of the contestants on Take Me Out are already shallow to the point of just wanting to have sexual intercourse with whoever they choose anyway, so we felt that Take Me Up was the next logical step for the show.’

‘Its 12.30am time slot on Saturday night means that we can show a great deal of tasteful footage from the Love Den. Naturally, all winning couples will be encouraged to take precautions – this will ensure that we comply with Ofcom guidelines.’

‘Unfortunately this is a sign of the times, and 2016 is very different to the days of Blind Date with contestants coming out with every innuendo short of ‘I want to smash your back doors in.’ Modern viewers actually want to see this act.’

Throughout the new series, viewers will also be able to catch the latest gossip on the ITV2 partner show Take Me Up and Over.