A witness at the University of West England Jacob Rees-Mogg event on Friday night has told Southend News Network that the Conservative MP told a masked protestor that he would ‘fuck them up’ if they didn’t leave immediately. 

Unconfirmed reports have also stated that when a second protestor tried to intervene, Rees-Mogg got right in his face and coldly said: ‘Did I aks you fam?’

Our witness added: ‘Jacob stormed to the back of the room where the protestors had gathered, and he could be heard shouting, ‘What you all getting up in ma business for now?’

’When he reached the leader, he said, ‘You ain’t welcome here brah. I’ll fuck you up and stick you in the ground. You get me blud?’

‘Things looked to be cooling down for a moment, but when the protestors started shouting slogans this just upset him even more.’

’He said, ‘You want to fucking dance then geez? I’ll snap my fingers and my mans will be here to stick a cap in yo’ ass. Punk ass bitch.’

One of the protestors contacted Southend News Network anonymously and said, ‘We had to cover our faces because it was awfully chilly in there.’

’Unforunately this meant that some of our slogans were a bit muffled.’

’Get the bastard Tories out’ became ‘Gmm thmm bsstm tmmmmmms oomt.’

A spokesperson for the Conservative Party said, ‘Jacob is willing to meeting the protestors at a later date for an 8-Mile style rap battle and throw down.’

’He has managed to pull himself out of the ghetto to have a distinguished political career, but occasionally there are elements of his gangland upbringing that rear their ugly head.’