A spokesperson for ITV’s The Jeremy Kyle Show has confirmed that a studio guest attacked Jeremy during filming last week, leaving the host with bruising and mild concussion. According to witnesses, a particularly angry woman is her late 50s ‘gunted’ Jeremy on the top of his head – this is a rare form of violence when a morbidly obese female uses the full weight of her stomach and intimate area to create a downwards body blow that can often be fatal. 

A studio I source said: ‘The title of the episode was ‘My husband, and your father, is strictly off-limits,’ and so there were always going to be high tensions on stage. When she walked out on stage to confront her daughter, it was clear that she intended to do some serious damage with her 28-stone frame.’

‘Two security guards instantly stepped onto the stage, but she managed to ‘steamroll’ them onto the audience floor. Jeremy then stepped in and told her to sit down as he wasn’t scared of her, but she barged into him and Jeremy had to sit down and catch his breath.’

‘As her daughter had run off by this point and escaped, she just kept screaming ‘he’s mine, he’s mine’ at the top of her voice while prowling around the creaking stage. Jeremy wheezed that she was ‘a disgrace’ before she waddled back over to his chair, lifted her entire stomach above her head, and then dropped the mass of skin and fat directly onto Jeremy’s head.’

‘Fortunately the whole endeavour sapped all of her energy, and paramedics treated Jeremy at the scene.’

‘When the police arrived, she tried to ‘gunt’ one of the officers, but the sudden shift in her centre of gravity sent her tumbling down a flight of stairs and into the back of a waiting Outside Broadcast truck. The doors were locked and she was taken into custody.’