A job-stealing immigrant has been arrested and charged by police after a raid uncovered 63 jobs in the basement of his Southend home. 

Shortly before 7pm on Monday, cops raided a flat in Fairfax Drive after acting upon intelligence received from the local branch of Essex for The People found the stash of employed roles before taking 24-year-old Afghan Hamili Al Zhafavah into custody.

Police spokesperson PC Reginald Peacie said: ‘We carried out a successful raid earlier today and arrested a foreign national on suspicion of job theft.’

‘Our officers uncovered a variety of jobs, including sixteen nursing positions, eleven bus driving roles and a chief of surgery.’

‘He will appear before magistrates on Tuesday morning at Southend Crown Court.’

A police source added: ‘We have sealed off the property while further forensic investigations are carried out.’

‘A locked cabinet was found that we believe is holding hundreds of GP appointments, and a false ceiling may be concealing anything up to 40 primary school places.’

Terry Roglodyte is the local Essex For The People spokesperson, and he praised the ‘quick actions’ of the local police force.

He added: ‘Brexit and leaving the EU was supposed to stop this sort of thing happening, but it’s disgraceful that an Afghan immigrant has been able to steal so many of our jobs that hard-working English speakers couldn’t have not had.’

‘As a precaution, we have stepped up patrols around the town, and you can report any concerns directly to us to the rear of selected off licences in the area.’