We are delighted to say that our campaign to get the Daily Mail reclassified as FAKE NEWS on Facebook is only a few signatures away from 5,000 supporters. 

Once we hit the magic target, we will think of a suitably insulting or distasteful way of getting the complete documents to the DM HQ!

Even if you have already signed the petition here, please share the link as much as you can. 

We know that asking Facebook to change the classification of one of the world’s biggest news outlets is a bit of a cheeky one, but surely the sentiments of 5,000 people can hardly be ignored.

In this case, we are using the term ‘fake news’ for the Mail because it is clear that even though a lot of their stories start off in the realms of reality, their reporting style will twist certain details to make sure that the reader is suitably outraged by the end of the article.

Only this publication can print a recipe for hummous and leave the reader wanting to ‘close our borders’ before even finishing the list of ingredients.

Southend News Network publishes fake news outright, but we believe that the Daily Mail is guilty of far worse things than us.

If you have any ideas about the best way to directly deliver this petition, please email newsdesk@southendnewsnetwork.com

You never know, if this one takes off it may even work for The S*n as well.

Mind you, The Mail hasn’t fallen for one of our stories. Yet.