Karens across the United Kingdom have been rejoicing at the news that once again they will be able to Karen again in person from 4th July.

Karening establishments are due to reopen on this day, and many Karens are ‘fed up and frustrated’ after 12 weeks of only being able to Karen on Facebook.

We spoke to Karen Karenson, and she told us that she was sick and tired of the general public not having a manager that she can speak to when they are spotted not socially distancing in public.

She said, ‘It’s great that I will be able to Karen once again, but there will be a number of guidelines that I have to follow.’

‘For instance, I won’t be able to Karen up at the bar or serving counter – I will be forced to make loud noises and screw my face into the shape of a duck’s arsehole until someone comes over.’

A spokesperson for the British Hospitality Union confirmed that thousands of premises are set to reopen with a special Karen App that Karens can use to summon management remotely, even setting up a Zoom meeting if it is appropriate.