As you may have seen, The Daily Mail and Katie Hopkins issued an apology over an almighty balls-up earlier this morning at 2am – the ideal time to make sure that it had the highest possible audience online, obviously. 

Therefore, we thought that this would be the best possible time to remind everyone that the almighty KHop made another little balls up live on air back in August live on LBC Radio when she told everyone that the M25 was going to be closed for an entire week so that there could be a fitness and endurance race called ‘The Orbital Committal.’ Fact check much?

What had actually happened was that either Katie or one of her researchers had just found our fake news article, and she just started reading it out … WORD … BY … WORD. Oh Katie! She even glossed over the fact that we called the MP Jeremy Spunkton. 

She actually retracted and apologised about half an hour later, but still!

As far as The Daily Mail are concerned, we decided to start a petition to have their whole outfit reclassified as FAKE NEWS. In just over three days we have had almost 3,000 signatures. Says it all really. 

Our main argument is that Facebook have already started to penalise us for being a fake news page, so surely the Daily Mail should face the same punishment for their continued bullshit. 

Speaking of the M25, our Christmas charity single DARTFORD TOLLS is in the charts and we’re having one final push at taking on Simon Cowell and co. 

Both versions are out now on iTunes/Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer … it’s basically everywhere! Don’t forget to download it, stream it, and most importantly of all TELL EVERYONE.