A spokesperson for the Department Of Transport has confirmed that ‘Keep Clear’ boxes will soon be renamed ‘Keep Clear Unless You Are Pulling Out Of A T-Junction Into Heavy Traffic’ boxes.

It is thought that the name change will ‘provide clarity’ for the millions of van owners and Volvo drivers who believe that the markings are in place to provide them with some sort of ‘priority reservation’ in the event that they are desperate to take their place in traffic that is already at a standstill.

Van owner and general tradesperson Barry Transitt told us that he welcomed the announcement.

He said, ‘To be fair, the original wording was very poor when there were clearly exceptions, and so this should help to clear things up.’

‘How can you genuinely keep this section of road clear at all times anyway? You can’t just drive around it and leave the tarmac in pristine condition for all eternity.’

‘The whole thing was a court case waiting to happen.’

‘As a working tradesperson, I have to take my trade from one place to another at multiple points throughout the day. How am I supposed to do this by driving in a manner that includes consideration for my fellow motorist?’