After sales of the Double Down went through the roof during its first few days at KFC, bosses at the fast food giant have announced that they are going to be launching a limited edition VEGAN version of the smash hit burger to appeal to ‘as many customers as possible.’

Thousands of people have been sampling the bread-free product that has already been very popular in the USA, with customers queueing up to chomp down on two deep fried chicken fillets with Monterey Jack cheese, bacon and BBQ sauce in the middle.

However, vegans can now get in on the action as well with the Vegan Double Down.

A company spokesperson said: ‘The great thing about this latest version of the Double Down is that is is Halal-friendly as well.’

‘This adapted burger only contains ingredients that are approved by the Vegan Action Guild, which means that vegans can buy it safe in the knowledge that they won’t be excommunicated from the Church of Veganism.’

‘It is also incredibly photographable as well, which means that vegans will find it easy to tell everyone they know that they are eating something vegan-friendly.’

‘Our focus group while the product was in the development stage told us that vegans value communication about their eating beliefs above all else, including animal welfare, their bodies producing enough cholesterol naturally and cows hating their udders being fiddled with.’

We sent our dining correspondent Pierre Le Lapin to the Southend branch to try out the new Vegan Double Down.

While he didn’t say a lot, the way that his nose was twitching told us everything that we needed to know. It was a thumbs-up all round!