An inside source within Labour’s National Executive Committee has revealed to Southend News Network that there are plans in place to sensationally SUSPEND Jeremy Corbyn from the Labour Party just a few days ahead of the leadership election. 

According to our contact, an allegation has been made that Corbyn made an anti-semitic comment to a member of London’s Orthodox Jewish community at a bus stop in Camden on Monday morning.

He said: ‘An email was received from a member of the public who identified himself as Moishe Ifdakapfitz, a long-time resident of Stamford Hill. He reported that he was waiting for a bus at 10am on Monday morning, when Mr Corbyn approached the bus stop and apologised for not having his reading glasses on – he then allegedly said ‘What time is the next bus Jew?’

‘Moishe added that he was wearing a full outfit at the time that would have left no room for any doubt that he is Jewish – he has informed us that while he doesn’t wish to take the matter to the police, he still wanted to report it to the Labour National Executive Committee as he feels that it is in the public interest.’

We contacted the Labour NEC directly for their comments on the matter, and their chief spokesperson Neville Strawclutch emailed Southend News Network with a brief written statement to confirm that they are in the process of taking action against Mr Corbyn.

The statement read: ‘In the Labour Party, we have a strong and proud tradition of fighting anti-semitism at every possible opportunity, and therefore we are taking these allegations very seriously.’

‘One has to ask themselves if the same action would be taken if he said ‘What time is the next bus Muslim?’ or ‘What time is the next bus Hindu?’ Of course it would, as Labour is very much an inclusive, welcoming and non-backstabby party.’

‘While we appreciate that Jeremy may have just been describing what he could see at the time, we would still take the view that calling a Jew ‘Jew’ would be highlighting his particular ethnic background. Therefore, we will now spend the statutory 6-8 week evidence-gathering period trying to piece together what happened, and with that in mind Mr Corbyn will be suspended with immediate effect and Owen Smith can expect to be handed the leadership election by default.’

‘We can appreciate that Mr Corbyn’s supporters may have very strong views on this matter, and therefore we would also like to point out that he will be able to mount a leadership challenge to Mr Smith once any period of suspension has elapsed and he gains the support of 95% of serving Labour MPs – the threshold is due to be raised to this level on 2017.’