A banknote design has been leaked from an anonymous employee of the European Central Bank and it appears to show that the United Kingdom will join the single European currency. 

The concept shows Big Ben depicted alongside a number of European monuments, and the note also includes the ‘security strip’ that proves it has originated from the ECB printworks in Zaragoza, Spain.

The ‘Zero Euro’ prototype is a pre-run note that is used for evaluation purposes before a monetary value is chosen for a design, and it has led many financial experts to believe that the Pound Sterling could make way for the Euro under a new Brexit deal.

Spokesperson Jerome Robsonne of the ECB released a statement confirming that ‘talks were underway.

He added: ‘The current government in the United Kingdom has said that they wish to maintain close economic ties with the EU after Brexit, and it is widely felt that adopting the Euro currency will be a sufficient commitment for access to the Single Market and Customs Union.’

’Therefore, as a precaution our design team has been instructed to include a British feature in the latest round of bank note concepts – this is our commitment to the UK that we are taking their position seriously.’

’It is no secret that Brexit negotiations are currently deadlocked, and so we are proud to be giving them a kick start in this manner.’

A spokesperson for the Pro-EU group Britain United In said: ‘One of the biggest concerns about Brexit is how weak the Pound will become against the Euro.’

’Therefore, making the switch could eliminate this problem entirely.’