Will the Grand Hotel renovation EVER be finished?

After years of problems with the planned renovation of the Grand Hotel in Leigh On Sea, there was a further discovery today at the site that could lead to the project being delayed indefinitely – a Southend News Network reporter can EXCLUSIVELY reveal that there are now ‘serious, grave and non-trivial’ concerns over the structure of the entire building.

Olly Turpington is a painter and decorator who has been working on the site, and he spoke to us earlier today. He said: ‘I had just started working on one of the walls in the main lounge, and as I was stripping off some old plaster I could hear a rattling sound, and upon closer inspection I noticed that there was an odd steel panel and a window embedded deep within the wall. I stopped work at once, and the site manager called for a structural inspection team.’

An hour later, a team of experts arrived to assess the wall, and after some further plaster was removed they realised that while the front of the building is an iconic structure showing a taste of architecture from years gone by, the rear of the building is in fact the back half of a 1994 Nissan Serena – it is the first time in history that a building has been subject to a ‘cut and shut’ job of this nature.

Local police have been informed of the discovery, and a frantic search is underway to match the hotel’s new chassis number with any possible suspects. There are also concerns over the fate of the front half of the Japanese-manufactured people carrier, with unconfirmed witnesses saying that it may have been installed within the Kursaal redevelopment.