Land Rover owners are about to find it much easier to park at a Leigh supermarket.

Users of a local supermarket in Leigh On Sea were celebrating today after the announcement that a new Parent & Toddler & Land Rover parking area will be operational by January 2016.

Southend News Network can EXCLUSIVELY reveal that the Freshbuys supermarket in Leigh Road has received a number of requests from Land Rover drivers who have found it near impossible to park within 20m of the entrance due to the amount of inconsiderate parents that are ‘hogging’ the closest spaces.

Tabitha Crosby Duval-Duval, 34, of The Ridgeway was delighted with the news. She said, ‘This is going to make a huge difference to my daily life. It took me almost 25 seconds to walk from my car to the front door of Freshbuys last week because a mother was taking so long to fit a car seat while keeping her toddler quiet and trying to soothe a screaming newborn. If she can park right by the entrance, why can’t I? It already takes me 45 seconds to climb back into my car, not including the time it takes me to polish the ‘Overfinch’ lettering.’

Roger La Bamba, manager of the supermarket, confirmed that the pilot scheme will be running for three months. He added, ‘In the event that it is successful, we will look to remove the Parent & Toddler spaces altogether by next summer. Market statistics show that childless Land Rover owners spend up to £40 per week on artisan mineral water alone, and so this is definitely a market that we want to encourage with convenient parking spaces.’

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