Will you consider using an Uber vehicle on New Year's Eve? A Southend cabbie wants to warn everyone about the dangers that are involved.

While revellers across the UK are getting ready for a big night out to celebrate the start of 2015, a Southend taxi driver has warned the public about the dangers of getting in an Uber vehicle when travelling to a club or back home again.

Gary Pillow, a licensed Hackney Carriage driver who has been working on the Southend circuit for more than 70 years, contacted the Southend News Network after discovering that one of his regular customers had taken a ride in an Uber vehicle last week. He told us that he was ‘hugely relieved’ when he heard that they had got home safely, but at the same time he has a strong warning for anyone else who is thinking about using an Uber vehicle on New Year’s Eve.

He said: ‘Although they have a really flash mobile phone app that handles everything, I have evidence that proves that the Uber app takes pictures of you when you are getting out of the shower without any clothes on – these images are then sold online for literally millions of pounds. When your vehicle arrives, it may look safe enough with four wheels and bumpers, but in the event of an accident everyone knows that only an illuminated ‘Taxi’ sign can truly protect the occupants of a car.’

We pointed out to Mr Pillow at this stage that Uber drivers will have a private hire licence and some degree of ability when it comes to operating a vehicle on a road, but he was adamant that this didn’t change his position on the matter.

He continued: ‘They may know how to drive a car safely and with consideration for fellow human beings, but we are the only true race who can stop in the middle of a busy road with our hazard lights on while our customers drink up. Anyway, how can you be REALLY sure that your Uber driver doesn’t take drugs, mows down old ladies or eats babies? Be honest guv’nor, you cahnt!’