The paperwork that the Kennel Club has described as 'unacceptable.'

Animal-lovers have been expressing their OUTRAGE after a woman from Canvey was caught using local Facebook buy and sell groups to sell puppies BY THE KILO. This incident is just the latest in a long line of complaints about how animals are being bought and sold on the social networking site, and police officers have promised that they will launch an investigation.

A number of residents on the island have been in touch with us to say that they were contacted by 37-year-old Patricia Canino, originally of Italian origin, and they were all promised ‘pedigree puppies’ at roughly 25% of the prices being charged through other reputable sources.

Please be advised that the following content may be distressing for some readers.

Chloe Billington told us about her meeting with Canino (we are not allowed to reveal her exact location on Canvey Island). She said: ‘I arrived at her address and she told me to follow her to the rear of the property where she had a large storage unit. We went inside and I felt sick – she just had boxes and boxes of puppies in a variety of different breeds with price tags on, and in the first one that I noticed she had dalmatian puppies for ‘£199 a kilo.’ It was like a sweet shop for newborn dogs.’

Maddie Burberry also visited the lock-up as she was interested in a getting a new dog. She said: ‘I’m ashamed to say that because I was so desperate to get a good deal, I jumped at the chance to pick up a lassapoo at a bargain price. When I asked her for the appropriate paperwork, she looked very shifty for a moment, but she took a photo of the puppy on her phone and vanished for about 20 minutes. When she returned, she handed me a crude Word document with the photo of the puppy, along with the text ‘This Is A Dogg’ – someone who cannot spell ‘dog’ shouldn’t be allowed to breed them. A representative of the Kennel Club has since told me that this isn’t an acceptable proof of the dog’s pedigree.’

Police have confirmed that Ms Canino is currently assisting them with their enquiries, but in the meantime they have have also said that people should buy dogs on Facebook ‘with extreme caution.