Historians and residents alike have been expressing their outrage after local planning officials announced proposals to cover the outside of Hadleigh Castle in GRAFFITI

According to a statement from the Castle Point Historical Infrastructure Alliance, the government-appointed body responsible for all of the area’s Norman structures, the Hadleigh Castle Living Graffiti Project will cover up the existing ‘vandalism paint’ on the original 1215 structure and tell the story of the castle right from its Norman origins. 

CPHIA chairman Lord Stone said: ‘The amount of graffiti on Hadleigh Castle is an absolute disgrace, and if we clean it off it will just come back again and again.’

‘However, if we decorate the entire exterior with living graffiti artwork, these individuals won’t have the chance to ruin it with crude words and messages about whoever is doing whatever disgusting sexual act with whom.’

‘I have already written to every primary and secondary school in Castle Point to invite children of all ages to take part and design the artwork.’

‘Images need to depict everything from the construction in around 1215 to the Olympic Games Mountain Biking in 2012. Areas of stonework at ground level will be reserved for artists and children with mobility issues to ensure that we meet council-led targets on inclusion and accessibility.’

‘We predict that the multi-coloured and incredibly-detailed project will be completed by the Summer of 2017.’

‘The upkeep and maintenance of the artwork will be covered by a new admission fee of £2.50 per person, with a 50p discount for people in receipt of certain benefits.’