The London Mayor Sadiq Khan has launched a disgusting attack on free speech today by allowing a balloon of himself in a bikini to fly over the city of London on Saturday.

Critics of Khan have accused him of cowardly putting up no obstacles whatsoever to the £58,000 project.

Dave Fringe is a vocal critic of the Mayor, and he told Southend News Network that he was ‘outraged’ by Khan’s behaviour.

He said, ‘As a citizen of somewhere up north or something, I am beside myself with anger.’

‘Actually I am so angry that I am on the other side of myself and on top too.’

We pointed out to Mr Fringe that both Mr Khan and every associated regulatory body and agency had co-operated fully with the organisers.

He added, ‘ Yeah but … he deserves to be sacked … he’s a traitor … because grooming gangs and other issues outside of the M25 area.’