A litter bin in the Essex town of Hockley that has been left ‘lonely and desperate for human contact’ after being cut off by water main repair works has been given his own Facebook page by concerned members of the local community.

The Loneliest Bin In The World, Hockley, Essex is all about the everyday struggle of Eric the dual-purpose litter and recycling receptacle as he agonisingly waits for the roadworks to be over at the end of the Summer Holidays.

According to the page, his story is particularly tragic.

Ladies and Gentlemen of Facebook, this is Eric, the loneliest little bin in the whole world, and this is a truly tragic tale. Please read it and share to raise both awareness of his plight, and hopefully his spirits as well at this difficult time.

Up until recently, this combined litter and recycling bin was in his prime. Eric loved his position on Spa Road near the Fish and Chip Shop, and he was very much a pillar of the community.

Adults and children alike were feeding him with their waste products, and even though they didn’t always separate them properly he didn’t mind – he just loved the everyday banter with his customers.

However, on one fateful and sunny morning at the end of July 2018, disaster struck. Contractors from Essex and Suffolk Water arrived to carry out six weeks of vital water main replacement works, and suddenly Eric found himself surrounded by safety fencing.

Three weeks into his ordeal, and Eric is at breaking point. Apart from the occasional empty Dr Pepper can from one of the digger operators, he remains isolated and desperate for human contact.

A handful of passers-by have tried lobbing their rubbish from a distance, but each missed shot against his metal frame has been like a hammer blow to Eric’s already battered morale.

So again, please like this page and share this harrowing tale, and don’t forget to leave your messages of support in the comments. If the Facebook community can show Eric that there are people out there who truly care about him, then maybe, just maybe he will get through the next three weeks with his sanity intact.

The community has come out in support of this plucky and courageous public installation.

Adam Denley said, ‘I feel a need to visit Eric with a big bag of premium rubbish.’

Andy Scoggins told everyone that he had already shared a number of experiences with Eric, and said, ‘Eric!!!’

‘Oh Mate!! We’ve shared some long and involved conversations over the last couple of years. You were there for me at my lowest. I’ll be there for You.’

‘You and Me Bruv. I’ll never leave you. I’m there for you. I won’t let them fence you in.’


Once again, you can check out The Loneliest Bin In The World, Hockley, Essex here.