A lorry driver from Essex has been celebrating today after managing to cut his total journey time by five seconds by overtaking a fellow lorry driver.

Shortly after 2pm on the Southbound carriageway of the A12 near Boreham, Michael Slugworth of Slugworth Haulage pulled out into the middle lane and overtook another lorry being driven by an unidentified Polish gentleman.

Just six minutes later, the manoeuvre was complete and he returned to the left.

Our Chief Reporter managed to sit and chat with Mr Slugworth while he was overtaking the lorry doing 51 miles per hour at 51 miles and a half per hour.

He said: ‘In this business, time is money, and money is time. So time is time, and therefore money is money as well.’

‘With diesel prices so high at the moment and deadlines to meet, the five seconds I am saving will be priceless.’

‘Look at this prick hogging the left-hand lane, crawling along like he doesn’t have a care in the world. I’ll have him, I will.’

‘More importantly, I am also providing a vital traffic calming service that will save lives. If another lorry decides to overtake me at 52 miles per hour we will have a beautiful rolling convoy of ultimate safety.’

‘I’m not too worried about the ‘How’s my driving’ sticker on the back either as that number has been re-routed to a Chinese takeaway in Cornwall for the last six months.’

‘Hopefully my actions are helping their staff to integrate into British society. How else will they learn what a ‘road hogging wankspangle’ is.