A Southend News Network investigation can EXCLUSIVELY reveal that the M25 will become a  100% toll motorway from January 2017 – the motorway’s operator Lucifer Loop Ltd will be able to introduce the new tolls due to a loophole in the existing Dartford Crossing Act. While the exact charges haven’t been finalised yet, a source within the company has confirmed that motorists can expect to pay £1 per junction, with a daily cap of £10 in place to ‘provide best value. As part of this scheme, the M25 will be renamed as the M25+.

Our source added: ‘Now that most of the motorway is covered by number plate recognition cameras, we are able to extend the Dartford Crossing payment system around the whole motorway. This new toll with reduce congestion during peak hours, and as an added bonus the £10 daily cap will include the Dartford Bridge or Tunnel. While the charge will initially be introduced for UK-registered vehicles, upgrades to our equipment will mean that the toll will apply to all European vehicles by 2021.’

We asked him if he thought that the new M25 fees would punish motorists who are already being hit hard in the pocket by rising vehicle costs. He said: ‘No, but we will be able to scrap the toll completely once the M25 is fully paid for. Also, the additional revenues will allow us to carry out a whole range of other improvements – this will be known as the M25+ Initiative.’

M25+ Initiative Features: New services (East Mimms and Clacket Lane 2) – Underroad heating for wintry conditions – Retractable rain canopy trial (Potters Bar) – Hard Shoulder BMW parking trial (M4 junction) – Pavement installations (whole motorway)


  1. My local council says payment is one way. Essex for free Kent you pay. Also travelling from Kent you must have the latest Euro/Franco license.