Three women from the Eastern Bloc (a term not used since Rocky IV) have expressed their delight at being able to fish in a lake after the owner’s probably illegal sign used the word ‘fishermen.’

Magda, Svetlana and Alina told our Chief Reporter that although they don’t know the first thing about angling, they will shortly be taking up the pastime on pedantry grounds.

Magda added: ‘Now that we have been assured that our rights will remain ‘broadly the same’ after Brexit, we feel so much better about the situation and we will definitely stay and catch lots of fish in this gentleman’s lake.’

’In fact, just to piss everyone else off we will talk really loudly about boys and music as well.’

’At least we know that there are plenty of maggots in the area.’

A spokesperson for the owner has said that the ladies will not be able to fish there as none of them are ‘more than a 3’ and the sign says ‘no dogs.’