Police in Chelmsford, Essex have confirmed that a major investigation is underway after thieves managed to steal an entire flyover from the Army and Navy roundabout on the outskirts of the city.

According to witnesses, criminals were witnessed packing the entire structure into a Ford Transit in the early hours of Monday morning.

At first light, town crier Tony Appleton was spotted on Tindal Square delivering the harrowing news to the local townsfolk.

Chief Superintendent Lin Tendent is in charge of the Essex Public Infrastructure Theft Taskforce, and she told Southend News Network that it was highly likely that the bridge had already left the country on its way to the lucrative black markets of Eastern Europe.

She said, ‘By the time the police were notified of the theft, Interpol contacts in the Netherlands had informed us that the deconstructed structure had been spotted heading through the continental motorway network.’

‘Our sources are indicating that the flyover may have been stolen to order for the government of Belarus, and if this is the case then we will be stepping up patrols around other flyovers in the county as the Army and Navy facility only has one lane.’

‘We now have Gallows Corner under 24/7 armed guard as a precaution, and both Dartford Tunnels have been bolted down.’