A survey has revealed that the majority of British people still have no idea what Gemma Collins is famous for.

The work was carried out by scientists from the University of Loughton in Essex, and the main conclusion is that everyone has now heard of her but has absolutely no idea why.

Professor Bargent Jameson told us that she appears to be someone who is just sort of ‘there.’

He added, ‘Most of the people we spoke to said that she was famous for being on The Only Way Is Essex, but were then stumped when we asked them what qualified her to be famous enough to go on The Only Way Is Essex.’

‘We then cross-referenced her name in the 2019 edition of ‘How Well Known People Have Generally Contributed To Humanity’ and her section was mainly memes of her falling on things or through things.’

‘To truly get to the bottom of this, we finally traced her fame back to an ITV executive who once decreed that she would be famous, and that as consumers all the peoples of the United Kingdom should bow to his will lest we be eternally cast into the sea for our ignorance of her fame.’

A spokesperson for Ms Collins said, ‘She’s on telly, innit.’