A man from Southend has been celebrating after completing a 14-day Weight Watchers plan in just 3 hours and 28 minutes. 

Representatives of the slimming club are currently investigating whether or not it is a new world record.

Speaking to our Chief Reporter, Jim Beagle said: ‘I sat there and listened to my rep explain the whole programme to me, and some of the stories were inspirational.’

‘Some of the people there have managed to lose a hundred pounds in the last year alone – some far more.’

‘To be fair, I only joined after seeing some of the ladies in the club magazine that members can buy.’

‘Unfortunately it turns out that those are the ‘after’ images, but nonetheless I persevered and filled in the application form.’

I excitedly returned home from the Ashingdon Creek Community Centre and got to work weighing all of my pasta penne shells like some sort of head case.’

‘A few minutes later, I then excitedly started working out how many points I could earn by going for a fifteen-minute walk at a medium-to-firm pace, before translating this into the joy of treating myself to three-eighths of an Oreo.’

‘At around 3 hours and 28 minutes, I successfully completed my 14-day plan and grabbed a family-size box of Maltesers from the cupboard.’

Mr Beagle boasted about his achievement on Facebook.

‘They need to check the record books, but I am pretty certain that nobody has ever completed a full two weeks of Weight Watchers in less than four hours.’

‘I think I will try Slimming World next. You can eat as much pasta as you want, and the sheer thrill of going to eat at my friends’ houses and dictating mt dietary requirements like some sort of food fascist may mean that I finish that plan even quicker.’