A man was removed from a flight before take off by police today after it emerged that he had forgotten to do a Facebook check-in and announce to the whole world that he was at the airport.

In a further shocking development, it also emerged that 34-year-old Rambo Krakov-Thomas had also consumed an entire ‘cheeky breakfast pint’ without taking a single photo.

A witness confirmed that armed officers at Southend Airport removed a man at gunpoint shortly before Pubicair flight PUB435 to Addis Ababa was due to take off.

It is thought that the young male was then executed behind a luggage carousel once police had established that there had been no social media activity.

A police spokesperson said, ‘This incident and eventual killing was the first success story under Operation Bell.’

‘Our intelligence teams obtain advanced lists of all passengers who are expected at an airport on any given day, before undertaking cutting-edge surveillance to ensure that their Facebook wall is updated accordingly.’

‘The message is very clear. If you think you can come to our county and get on a plane without being a total attention-seeking berk about it, think again.’

‘You are being watched at all times. If you land back in Britain without telling everyone how upset you are about the rain, then may the Lord have mercy on your eternal soul.’

In other news, a representative of Facebook has confirmed that the flight path that is displayed when you post an update about flying somewhere may not be an accurate depiction of the route that your aircraft will take.