A 34-year-old man from Southend is in intensive care this evening after he collapsed under the weight of his serving from Toby Carvery.

A spokesperson for the Southend branch has said that they will review their policy of allowing customers to take as many vegetables as they want after the tragic incident.

According to witnesses, postman Niles Fin De Cloche asked for a serving of gammon with a single Yorkshire passing, before he then took vegetables from every available dish.

One horrified onlooker said: ‘He started with the roasties before moving onto the boiled spuds, and by the time he reached the cabbage was was struggling to fit it all on – this is when he started piling it all upwards.’

‘By the time he had finished with the stuffing balls he could barely see over the top of his dinner, and he just about managed to make it to the gravy station.’

‘After a few ladles he lifted his dish and moved back towards the seating area, and this was when his arms started to shake and his legs just gave way.’

‘This is when around fifteen kilos of carvery fell on top of him, crushing his abdomen.’

Southend University Hospital’s clinician in charge of clinical clinics Dr Miles Crunch said: ‘Mr Fin De Cloche has suffered severe abdominal trauma, and x-rays will confirm if he has a chipolata lodged in his pancreas.’

‘We are hopeful that he will make a full recovery, but it’s clear that if he had chosen the bread sauce as well we could be dealing with a fatality.’