A man from Essex who rants incessantly on a Facebook about being forced to eat Halal produce has decided to go out for a nice kebab.

Garry Barry, a 45-year-old tradesman from Southend, told us that he had decided to pop down Ali’s Kebabs for something filling after downing ten pints due to the trauma of reading about how people are directly funding Islamic State whenever they pick up a six-pack of authentic falafel in the Tesco ‘World Food’ section.

He said, ‘I am sick of being forced to eat this muck.’

’I stopped going to the Kosher bakery in town a few months ago because I was worried that some of their profits were going to fund Neil Diamond.’

’I love it in Ali’s. Him and his brothers Mohammed, Iqbal and Jamal make a cracking lamb shish.’

‘The Pride Of Karachi Curry House is excellent as well.’