A man from Essex has been describing his SHOCK to Southend News Network after he dipped his spoon into a pot of yoghurt and was left with a blob of the dessert that looked ‘identical’ to Gizmo from the hit movie Gremlins. 

Chris Chanel, who is a 42-year-old oil and gas specialist engineer, was on the Eurotunnel between Folkestone and Calais when he sat down with a coffee yoghurt and suddenly realised that the chilled pudding had formed into a perfect resemblance of the lovable Mogwai hero. 

Chris Chanel, who claims to have found a ‘perfect’ image of Gizmo in a coffee yoghurt …

Chris said: ‘I was terrified! I expected a normal yoghurt and then i realised what Stripe had done to Gizmo! It was like some sort of sign that I need to watch the DVD again.’

‘Most people see Jesus or someone religious in their dairy produce, but I feel blessed to have been treated to an 80’s cult icon.’

What do we all think? Is this guy off his rocker or does he have a point?

Perhaps he should avoid getting it wet and feeding it after midnight just in case.