A 34-year-old man from Southend is currently in intensive care at Southend Hospital after a Facebook argument escalated into a horrific shooting earlier this afternoon. Relatives have described his condition as ‘critical but accurate.’

Shortly after 2pm, residents in York Road near the town centre reported hearing five gunshots, before one witness told Southend Network that the male suspect screamed ‘f**k you and your grandma’ and sped away on a folding scooter.

A close friend confirmed the injured man’s identity as Collins Oxford, and he told Southend News Network that he believes the argument started over a spelling and dispute on Facebook yesterday.

He said: ‘Someone had posted some PS4 games for sale in a Southend buying and selling group, and the word ‘games’ had been spelt with an apostrophe between the ‘e’ and the ‘s.’

‘As far as I am aware, Collins just pointed out that the apostrophe was ‘superfluous,’ to which the other guy said ‘thanks very much.’

‘Collins then pointed out that this wasn’t a compliment, and when the other man said ‘there needed tho’ they just started throwing insults at each other.’

‘I assume that this is the guy who turned up with a handgun this afternoon and shot him five times. I have no idea what his grandma had to do with anything.’

A spokesperson for Essex Police confirmed that they are currently on the lookout for a man in his early thirties with facial features, a gun and a folding scooter.

DCI Gerald Di Sieye added: ‘This is an ideal opportunity to remind the public that there are apps and plugins available to ensure that basic principles of spelling and grammar are adhered to at all times.’

‘Incidents of Facebook-related violence in Essex is increasing by 10% every single month – more than half of these cases involve a post where someone has used the phrase ‘on other sites.’