The man who gave the world Katie Hopkins and those pratty integrated email phone things has insisted that the leader of the Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn is somehow ‘dangerous.’

Speaking exclusively to Southend News Network, a source said that the threat of Corbyn is worse than both of those things combined.

He added, ‘The Apprentice may have propelled someone to media fame who would go on to demand ‘a final solution’ on Twitter in the wake of the Manchester terror attacks, but Corbyn dared to sit down for a Passover seder with some Jews who apparently aren’t Jewey enough.’

’It is also common knowledge that the Islington MP will corrupt humanity even more than the act having to wait ten minutes for a single email to download in glorious monochrome.’

A fan of Lord Sugar added, ‘Your article is grossly unfair – I used to swear by my notepaddy thing with the coloured buttons.’

’I remember sitting there and saying, ‘this is fucking awful.’