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A man from Southend in Essex has reacted with shock this evening after he sent £150 by BACS to some bloke off Facebook for a PS4 and was then blocked before never seeing his money or the PS4 ever again.

Edward Fuch-Weet of Bournemouth Park Road told Southend News Network that he was going to contact both the police, the Facebook Marketplace buying and selling ombudsman and possibly The A-Team.

He said, ‘I trusted a local guy called Marvin Siyuenti as his sister Ima told me that he was genuine and would deliver to me as soon as the payment was in his bank account.’

‘I asked if I could pay by PayPal instead, but he told me that PayPal had blocked his account because he was an active member of MI6 and it was a breach of their terms and conditions.’

‘I tried contacting him shortly after sending the payment, but he blocked me and his sister said that I was harassing her and that she would send her boyfriend Jamalia round to my flat to smash my back doors in. I’ve only just had the uPVC realigned.’

We asked Mr Fuch-Weet if the experience had put him off of shopping on Facebook buying and selling groups in the future.

He said, ‘Not at all. One bad apple doesn’t ruin the whole bunch.’

‘I am about to pop into town and pay £600 cash into someone’s Barclays account for Little Mix tickets at the O2 that include Jesy Nelson’s used panties after the show.’

‘She can’t be a con artist. Her occupation is listed as ‘Full Time Bossbabe At Me.’