A spokesperson for the Lancashire Assembly has confirmed that the city of Manchester will be renamed Personchester in 2021 after a number of sexism complaints were received from members of the public.

According to a statement that was released today, 85% of all committee members voted in favour of the proposals, with both Manchester United and Manchester City football clubs being given an extra six months to rebrand for commercial reasons.

They said, ‘In modern, multicultural Britain, there is simply no place for gender assumption when it comes to a city’s identity.’

‘There is a real risk of people turning their backs on our great industrial powerhouse if they feel excluded in some way because of the name, and we are hoping that other local governments follow our lead.’

‘It should only be a matter of time before we see Personsfield in Nottinghamshire and even the Isle of Person.’

However, the move has been slammed by equality campaigners.

Jemimah Fudge-Dangler of Equal Equality Now For All said, ‘Choosing the term ‘person’ isn’t the most sensible option when you consider that so many people out there choose not to identify as human.’

‘How dare they assume our species in this manner.’

In another development, London Mayor Sadiq Khan has announced that East Ham and West Ham could be renamed to take ‘vegan, Islamic and Jewish sensitivities into account.’

Mr Khan’s address at City Hall also mentioned that the town of Wapping may be ‘intimidating to Italians,’ and that he was ‘taking no chances’ after a cleaning company in Haringey called Spick and Span enraged the local Mexican community.