WaterAid / YouTube

The male hygiene product giant Manpax has announced that Manpons will shortly be launching in Britain to shake up the male hygiene products market.

At Southend News Network, we have obtained EXCLUSIVE footage of the epic commercial that will be hitting screens shortly during episodes of Coronation Street.

Manpax head of product develop Clive Mopp told our Chief Reporter that the product will ‘change the game and finally give active, professional and busy men the versatile tampon that they need and deserve.’

He added: ‘We are destroying the final big taboo that men cannot talk about their tampons – we expect gym changing rooms all over the United Kingdom to become a safe haven where men can discuss absorbency, smoothness and their favourite colours without fear of ridicule or embarrassment.’

WaterAid / YouTube

‘They have literally a thousand uses as well. Spilt pint? Manpon! Filled cup of coffee too much to lift safely? Manpon! Need to cleanse palate after a particularly strong brie? Manpon!’

Clive also said that the timing for the launch couldn’t be better after a police officer involved with LGBT relations tweeted his disgust with the word ‘feminine’ being added to displays of tampons in Asda and Tesco.

We took a packet of Manpons onto the streets of Southend to try and see how local men would react to the invention.

Dave Burton, a 46 year old bouncer said: ‘I’m impressed. I mean I’m not sure where exactly I am supposed to apply it, but I am very, very impressed.’

‘I have been saying for years that the feminine hygiene marketplace is incredibly sexist, and hopefully this invention will be the tip of the iceberg.’

A spokesperson for The Treasury said: ‘We are delighted to be able to confirm that Manpons will not be subject to VAT in the United Kingdom.’

‘Anyone who argues that they should be taxable is just like a tampon, because they are a stuck up …’