A spokesperson for UKIP has confirmed that Marine Le Pen has been appointed as party leader replacing Paul Nuttall. 

The shock announcement was made just thirty minutes after Ms Le Pen released a statement to say that she was standing down as leader of the Front National in France.

It is now unclear whether she will also stand in the final round of the French presidential election.

Speaking to journalists outside Westminster, she said: ‘This has been an incredibly difficult decision to make, but I looked across the channel and thought to myself ‘fuck me that scouser doesn’t even know what fucking day it is.’

‘I saw him hiding in a room so that he didn’t have to speak to journalists. They guy has a ‘tête de merde’ as we would say.’

‘I called that ravishing piece of meat Farage straight away and said ‘how about it big boy?’

‘As my deputy leader, Nigel is the perfect companion for the upcoming general election campaign.’

‘He smokes like a Frenchman anyway and works in Brussels and Strasbourg all the time so his French must be impeccable.’

An insider source at UKIP said that Nuttall’s days ‘had been numbered’ since he announced that the party would include ‘revoking Article 50’ in their election manifesto.

According to the document, heading back into the European Union would be the only way for UKIP to actually have a purpose again since the Tories went all ‘Vote Leave and shit.’

In a tweet, ex-UKIP defector MP Douglas Carswell said: ‘Left too soon. Would have loved to have been under Le Pen. Bollocks.’