The Conservative and pro-Brexit MP Mark Francois has confirmed that he intends to sit inside Big Ben at 11pm on Brexit Day on 31st January 2020 and just shout ‘bong’ over and over again.

The announcement came after it was confirmed that there will be no proposed amendment to the European Union Withdrawal Bill to ring Big Ben at the moment that the United Kingdom leaves the European Union.

Sources have said that his 4ft 3ins frame will ‘fit perfectly’ through a gap in the scaffolding.

One said, ‘He’s the deputy chair of the European Research Group, and yet if they actually did some research they would have realised that the bell inside Big Ben isn’t ringing at the moment because the tower is being refurbished.’

‘At least this will be the first time in history that there will be a sixth bell in the tower.’

London Air Traffic Control confirmed that they will be telling pilots to ignore a bright red beacon sitting on top of the Palace of Westminster.