The Conservative MP for Wickford and Rayleigh and arch Brexiteer Mark Francois has confirmed that he intends to terminate himself at 11.01pm this evening, having achieved his primary objective.

Sources close to the politician have also confirmed that contrary to his entry on Wikipedia, Francois actually materialised nude in a ball of lightning plasma on the outskirts of Hockley shortly after David Cameron announced the EU referendum in 2016.

At the time, a story emerged in the press of an unidentified male beating up a large group of motorcyclists in the Harvester at Rayleigh Weir before making off with clothing and accessories, but until now it has been widely believed that this was just a rumour.

A spokesperson for Cyberdyne Systems said, ‘His actual name is T-4ft11, and although he has now been accounted for, we are still concerned about the whereabouts of a second cybernetic organism programmed to simply hold a megaphone and scream ‘Stop Brexit’ over and over again.’

‘If the two of them were to ever meet in the same place, there would be a serious risk to members of the public.’